Congratulations to UNITE HERE Local 26 hotel workers who, in a major victory, recently ended their strike at the Battery Wharf Hotel in Boston.

Local 26 represents workers in the hospitality industries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Here in Boston, the Battery Wharf Hotel workers were on strike for fair working conditions, including higher wages, the right to retire with dignity, affordable healthcare and protection from discrimination and sexual harassment.

Hotel workers clean rooms, prepare and serve food and ensure that guests are properly and warmly welcomed. They, like all workers, deserve respect on the job. They deserve the right to live in the city where they work, and they need wages that can provide for their families.

Contract negotiations had been ongoing since March 2018, and Battery Wharf had refused to include contract language protecting women from sexual harassment, protecting immigrants, and keeping language that would work towards correcting the discrimination of African-American workers.

The workers, insisting on their right to fair working conditions, stayed strong on the picket line even as temperatures dropped in mid-November. On November 21, after months of being on strike, they reached a tentative agreement with Battery Wharf.

We applaud their membership for not only including demands for gender and racial equity in negotiations, but for insisting that they be centered and refusing to back down. MetroBTC stands in solidarity with Local 26 workers. We will continue to amplify their voices in solidarity and echo their message: one job should be enough.

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