Every day, careers with the Building Trades Unions allow members like Jeff Buckley to continue making their country and their communities stronger.

As a union steward for Laborers Local 223, Buckley helps to keep his fellow construction workers safe at work – and ensures they have a voice on the job. As a husband and father, he works hard to provide a life with economic security, healthcare benefits, and dignified retirement for him and his family. As a military veteran, Buckley helped to keep our country safe, serving overseas as a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. And as a volunteer fitness coach for the All Dorchester Sports & Leadership program, he is making his community stronger, one morning – and one workout – at a time.

It’s 4:30 A.M on any given Monday. And while many are still asleep, Jeff is already up and at it, leading workout sessions for local student athletes, aspiring military recruits, and everyday folks of all ages who want to get healthier through the offerings of the All Dorchester Sports & Leadership program (ADSL).

In fact, this scene plays out at 4:30 A.M. every single workday, Monday through Friday, before Jeff heads to his full-time occupation as a proud member of Laborers Local 223.

Right now, he’s helping to build 100 Shawmut Ave., in Boston, featured on pages 6-7 of this magazine. While the construction projects that benefit from Jeff’s skills, leadership, and labor may change, his commitment to the union movement, to his community, and his country are a constant.

He’s one of the thousands of reasons why so many developers, general contractors, and end users choose to build their projects the right way – the union way – ensuring the work is done right, and that workers have their rights protected on the job.

On Flag Day and Veterans Day, Jeff leads a “Flag Run” through the streets of Dorchester to draw attention to the sacrifices made by U.S. military personnel throughout the world.

“He is a positive role model for so many of the young people that we serve – and we are so glad he is part of the ADSL family,” says Candice Gartley, Executive Director of ADSL. “He is far more than just a coach. He is also a mentor to many young people.”

ADSL has long benefited at-risk youth in particular, helping them to thrive in sports, to build self-esteem, and to connect with positive role models like Jeff.

The Building Trades Unions are proud to support groups like ADSL and to provide meaningful and sustainable career pathways to thousands of veterans like Jeff, who are making an ongoing, positive impact on their communities through their contributions as civilians.

“His deep commitment to everyone who comes through our doors is reflected in the health outcomes achieved by all of those who succeed with his help,” says Gartley. “Without a doubt, Jeff is an institution in Dorchester.”

As institutions, the Building Trades Unions and Laborers Local 223 are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with members and leaders like Jeff Buckley, who work every day to build stronger communities.

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