In 2020, the building trades unions will continue to promote and support policies that advance both climate and economic security for our communities. Environmental justice and worker justice are inherently linked, and we must look towards the future in a manner that unifies these issues as part of one conversation. We are committed to continuing our work with our larger organized labor family and environmental justice allies in pursuit of that goal.

In one such recent example, Darlene Lombos, the newly elected chief officer of the Greater Boston Labor Council, wrote a letter opposing natural gas bans in new construction that illustrated the need for a comprehensive plan to achieve both environmental and worker justice in new development.

The building trades unions of MetroBTC agree that we must take action on the climate crisis that threatens our communities, but it must be done in a manner that puts workers and equity at the forefront of the discussion. For instance, banning natural gas in new construction might seem like a quick fix, but it would do much more harm than good through a series of unintended consequences.

To begin this month’s edition of MetroBTC News, we invite you to read that compelling letter from Executive Secretary-Treasurer Lombos in its entirety on page 9, and to join us in calling on your local community to pursue the many options for reforms that benefit our environment and working people alike outlined in the letter.

MetroBTC agrees with the Greater Boston Labor Council that we must continue pursuing the kinds of initiatives that simultaneously advance environmental and economic security for all.

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